Timestamp Converter

Simple timestamp converter tool.

Most developers will have to deal with timestamps at some point. But if you encounter one from a database, API response, or log file, they usually won't be easily readable. Most of the time, timestamps are stored as either ISO-8601 strings (2024-05-05T15:34:39.359Z) or Unix timestamps (1714923279). If you want to check what they actually mean in human terms, you need a way to convert it.

Although there are a lot of online tools for this, I decided to create my own so I can make it better for my uses.

  • Have only one input and try to guess what kind of time format it is. You can input most things, from formal ISO-8601 timestamps to simple human dates like May 6 2024.
    • The guessing logic for human dates is powered by the built-in JS new Date('...'). It's quite powerful, though it's implementation-dependent so you probably don't want to rely on it.
  • Be as compact as possible, yet show as much data as possible. I might add more formats later if I need it, but I don't think there's any other common formats.
  • Support dark mode. Most of the top search results for these tools are created a long time ago, before dark mode became popular.

You can check out the source code here. If you find this useful, feel free to bookmark it!